Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Disney Discussion

1) How, in your opinion, has Disney created such a strong brand image that we are having hard time associating negative intentions with the company's brand?
2) Do you as a consumer of Disney products expect from the Disney corporation to better reflect today's society and to be socially responsible. Why or why not?

In class we watched a documentary about the stereotypes Disney portrays in its movies and the potential negative influence it could possibly have on children growing up. This is something that isn't new to me because of my previous studies of the book "Fast Food Nation" and how large corporations like McDonald have a specific niche to target children to create lifetime customers. If you tell someone that something is good, and that's the way it's suppose to be done, and repeat it hundreds of times over years, then someone would believe what ever you said and hold it to be true because you've managed to established it over and over again.

The same is true for Disney. If Disney decides to keep reestablishing the same character archetypes in their films time and time again, children expose to this material would tend to behavior in the same manner. Disney has a distinctive charm that the film talks about that creates life time consumers who are willing to turn a blind eye over because they believe whole heatedly that Disney is good and that's it.

Human beings learn through imitation, and children even more so soak up everything around them in order to elevate right from wrong and how to live their life. Disney films are not produced for for kids, by kids. These people who create these films are grown adults who understand the world and try to make their films as universal as possible, whether or not they want to incorporate sexual or racial themes to lure in a universal audience that not specific to children anymore because life time customers do inevitably grow up.

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