Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disney Homework-For partial credit

Disney has created such a strong brand image by reaching out to kids through the use of cartoons, movies, parks, rides, playing dress up...ect. By growing up to this life style of wanting to go to the next Disney movie or Disney World, we are blinded by what some critics are projecting that there is racism and sexism flowing through out the story line of the films. I am pro Disney because back in the day (1950's)- we as a society thought about things in a different way and it was of "the times" to express these issues in a subtle way because we could. Racism was wide spread and woman where staying home and raising a family. My point it is, is that those things were going on at that time and Disney followed (in a subtle way) those story lines because they were real!
Also, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And if they can find something to criticize they can do it, and will find a way.
As a consumer of Disney products, it is natural for me to expect that Disney would reflect our today's society- I believe that Disney knows that they have these critics and are realizing that they could be ruining their reputation. But in all is Disney and Disney will stay strong by coming out with the latest movie,new ride, doll, costumes...ect. Every girl wants to be a fairy-tale princess.

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