Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Disney Documentary

I agree with the statement that everything you have ever seen in a Disney movie is completely intentionally put there. So when Jasmine uses her body to distract Javar and gets what she wants, Disney is intentionally putting that in kids faces for a reason. I believe that through their movies and with their more exploiting scenes, Disney is trying to reflect a certain reality. There are women out there that use their bodies to get what they want, but there are also many women who know where the line is. This is why I say Disney is somewhat reflecting reality, but in very exaggerated and generalized way. I think that cartoons to most people are suppose to reflect on some kind of reality, like a boy learning a lesson or the good guy winning. But I think we can also agree that because essentially Disney is producing entertainment, these cartoons and stories are exaggerated for our joy in watching them! If Disney wholly reflected reality in there movies they wouldn't be so successfully known for their innovative and magical, unrealistic ways.

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