Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Extra Credit Homework Assignment-Facebook

In the U.S. there are about 100 million visitors that check out Facebook almost every month. Facebook was once only accessible to valid college students and now the majority of Facebook users are business owners. Many businesses and entreprenuers use Facebook as a social network to promote their companies and create relationships with customer communities. For Cura Stone, advertising Mikes work on Facebook ( currently in the processes of doing so)- here are the benefits of what is going to come with Cura Stone advertised on Facebook:
Facebook allows the visitor to pick and choose groups and ads that companies can target customers based on a user's profile information. With Cura Stone it is important that it targets the right people. "Zeroing in a specific audience lets you get the most bang for your advertising buck!"
It is important that Cura Stone reaches out to college students and people of the Florida area. Since Mike's necklaces are made out of stone and natural hemp it is afordable and fashionable for beach wear. But i also agree that we should advertise Cura Stone and test various target demographics. Advertising on Facebook will bring more people to check out Mike's jewlery because Facebook reaches out to everyone!
When advertising Cura Stone we need to make the ads POP on Facebook. Things need to be carefully considered: color, Line, Text. Cura Stone cannot be a traditional ad on Facebook because it will be pushed to the side ( i don't think it would be a traditional sign since we are a very create bunch!)
This will be very exciting for the weeks to come with Cura Stone. I am glad that i am apart of the advertising team!

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